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Jahre: 2017
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    • Roth S, Präg A, Wechsler C, Marolt M, Ferlaino S, Lüdeke S, Sandon N, Wetzl D, Wirtz B, Iding H, Müller M
      Extended Catalytic Scope of a Well-Known Enzyme: Asymmetric Reduction of Iminium Substrates by Glucose Dehydrogenase
      2017 Chembiochem, Band: 18, Seiten: 1703 - 1706
    • Liu N, Bechinger B, Süss R
      The histidine-rich peptide LAH4-L1 strongly promotes PAMAM-mediated transfection at low nitrogen to phosphorus ratios in the presence of serum
      2017 Sci Rep-uk, Band: 7, Nummer: 1, Seite: 9585
    • Fan HY, Heerklotz H
      Digitonin does not flip across cholesterol-poor membranes
      2017 J Colloid Interf Sci, Band: 504, Seiten: 283 - 293
    • Swyter S, Schiedel M, Monaldi D, Szunyogh S, Lehotzky A, Rumpf T, Ovádi J, Sippl W, Jung M
      New chemical tools for probing activity and inhibition of the NAD+ dependent lysine deacylase sirtuin 2
      2017 Philos T R Soc B
    • Hochholzer W, Kleiner P, Younas I, Valina CM, Löffelhardt N, Amann M, Bömicke T, Ferenc M, Hauschke D, Trenk D, Neumann FJ, Stratz C
      Randomized Comparison of Oral P2Y12-Receptor Inhibitor Loading Strategies for Transitioning From Cangrelor: The ExcelsiorLOAD2 Trial.
      2017 Jacc-cardiovasc Inte, Band: 10, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 121 - 129
    • Zeymer U, Hohlfeld T, Vom Dahl J, Erbel R, Munzel T, Zahn R, Roitenberg A, Breitenstein S, Pap AF, Trenk D
      Prospective, randomised trial of the time dependent antiplatelet effects of 500 mg and 250 mg acetylsalicylic acid i. v. and 300 mg p. o. in ACS (ACUTE).
      2017 Thromb Haemostasis, Band: 117, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 625 - 635
    • Biener M, Giannitsis E, Kuhner M, Zelniker T, Mueller-Hennessen M, Vafaie M, Trenk D, Neumann FJ, Hochholzer W, Katus HA
      Prognostic Value of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T Compared with Risk Scores in Stable Cardiovascular Disease.
      2017 Am J Med, Band: 130, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 572 - 582
    • Sibbing D, Aradi D, Jacobshagen C, Gross L, Trenk D, Geisler T, Orban M, Hadamitzky M, Merkely B, Kiss RG, Komocsi A, Dezsi CA, Holdt L, Felix SB, Parma R, Klopotowski M, Schwinger RHG, Rieber J, Huber K, Neumann FJ, Koltowski L, Mehilli J, Huczek Z, Massberg S
      Guided de-escalation of antiplatelet treatment in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (TROPICAL-ACS): a randomised, open-label, multicentre trial.
      2017 Lancet
    • Tsai W-B, Long Y, Chang JT, Savaraj N, Feun LG, Jung MH, Chen HW, Kuo MT
      Chromatin remodeling system p300-HDAC2-Sin3A is involved in arginine starvation-induced HIF-1a degradation at the ASS1 promoter for ASS1 derepression
      2017 Sci Rep-uk
    • Hügle M, Lucas X, Ostrovskyi D, Regenass P, Gerhardt S, Einsle O, Hau M, Jung M, Breit B, Günther S, Wohlwend D
      Beyond the BET family: targeting CBP/p300 with 4-acyl pyrroles
      2017 Angew Chem Int Edit
    • Hugentobler K, Müller M
      Towards semisynthetic natural compounds with a biaryl axis: oxidative phenol coupling in Aspergillus niger
      2017 Bioorg Med Chem Lett
    • Greschik H, Duteil D, Messaddeq N, Willmann D, Arrigoni L, Sum M, Jung M, Metzger D, Manke T, Guenther T, Schüle R
      The histone code reader Spin1 controls skeletal muscle development
      2017 Cell Death Dis
    • Husain SM, Müller M
      Fungal Dihydroxynaphthalene-Melanin: Diversity-Oriented Biosynthesis through Enzymatic and Non-enzymatic Transformations
      2017 Synlett
    • Sarem M, Lüdeke S, Thomann R, Salavei P, Zou Z, Habraken W, Masic A, Shastri VP
      Disordered Conformation with Low PII Helix in Phosphoproteins Orchestrates Biomimetic Apatite Formation
      2017 Adv Mater
    • Sarem M, Vonwil D, Lüdeke S, Shastri VP
      Direct quantification of dual protein adsorption dynamics in three dimensional systems in presence of cells
      2017 Acta Biomater, Band: 57, Seiten: 285 - 292
    • Rieder O, Wolberg M, Foegen SE, Müller M
      Chemoenzymatic synthesis of statine side chain building blocks and application in the total synthesis of the cholesterol-lowering compound solistatin
      2017 J Biotechnol
    • Ong DN, Dittrich S, Swyter S, Jung M, Bracher F
      Synthesis of highly substituted 3-arylideneindolin-2-ones
      2017 Tetrahedron
    • Hesselbach K, Kim GJ, Flemming S, Haupl T, Bonin M, Dornhof R, Gunther S, Merfort I, Humar M
      Disease relevant modifications of the methylome and transcriptome by particulate matter (PM2.5) from biomass combustion.
      2017 Epigenetics, Seiten: 0 - 0
    • Wolf J, Aisenbrey C, Harmouche N, Raya J, Bertani P, Voievoda N, Süss R, Bechinger B
      pH-Dependent Membrane Interactions of the Histidine-Rich Cell-Penetrating Peptide LAH4-L1
      2017 Biophys J, Band: 113, Seiten: 1 - 11
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    • Sibbing D, Aradi D, Jacobshagen C, Gross L, Trenk D, Geisler T, Orban M, Gori T, Hadamitzky M, Merkely B, Kiss RG, Komocsi A, Dezsi CA, Thalmeier A, Low A, Holdt L, Teupser D, Ince H, Felix SB, Parma R, Malek L, Horstkotte J, Baylacher M, Schwinger R, Rieber J, Mudra H, Hausleiter J, Huber K, Neumann FJ, Koltowski L, Huczek Z, Mehilli J, Massberg S
      A randomised trial on platelet function-guided de-escalation of antiplatelet treatment in ACS patients undergoing PCI. Rationale and design of the Testing Responsiveness to Platelet Inhibition on Chronic Antiplatelet Treatment for Acute Coronary Syndromes (TROPICAL-ACS) Trial.
      2017 Thromb Haemostasis, Band: 117, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 188 - 195
    • Ntie-Kang F, Telukunta KK, Doring K, Simoben CV, A Moumbock AF, Malange YI, Njume LE, Yong JN, Sippl W, Gunther S
      NANPDB: A Resource for Natural Products from Northern African Sources.
      2017 J Nat Prod
    • Greule A, Peintner I, Zhang S, Deubel D, Marolt M, Jessen-Trefzer C, De Ford C, Burschel S, Paululat T, Li S-M, Friedrich T, Merfort I, Lüdeke S, Bisel P, Bechthold A
      Waking Up the (almost) cryptic Foxicin Biosynthesis Gene Cluster of Polyketomycin Producer Streptomyces diastatochromogenes Tü6028, which is also present in many other Streptomyces strains – but silent
      2017 Frontiers Microbiology, Band: 129, Seite: 221
    • Fürtges L, Conradt D, Schӓtzle MA, Singh SK, Kraševec N, Rižner TL, Müller M, Husain SM
      Phylogenetic Studies, Gene Cluster Analysis, and Enzymatic Reaction Support Anthrahydroquinone Reduction as the Physiological Function of Fungal 17beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase
      2017 Chembiochem, Band: 18, Seiten: 77 - 80
    • Mordhorst S, Siegrist J, Müller M, Richter M, Andexer JN
      Catalytic Alkylation Using a Cyclic S-Adenosyl¬methionine Regeneration System
      2017 Angew. Chem., Band: 129, Seiten: 4095 - 4099
    • Sehl T, Bock S, Marx L, Maugeri Z, Walter L, Westphal R, Vogel C, Menyes U, Erhardt M, Müller M, Pohl M, Rother D
      Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-phenylacetylcarbinol – closing a gap in C–C bond formation
      2017 Green Chem, Band: 19, Seiten: 380 - 384
    • Sommer-Kamann C, Fries A, Mordhorst S, Andexer JN, Müller M
      Asymmetric C-Alkylation by the S-Adenosylmethionine-Dependent Methyltransferase SgvM
      2017 Angew. Chem., Band: 129, Seiten: 4091 - 4094
    • Vojacek S, Beese K, Al Halabi Z, Swyter S, Bodtke A, Schulzke C, Jung M, Sippl W, Link A
      Three-component aminoalkylations yielding dihydronaphthoxazine-based sirtuin inhibitors: scaffold modification and exploration of space for polar side-chains
      2017 Arch. Pharm. Chem. Life Sci., Band: 350, Seite: e1700097
    • Stenzel K, Chakrabarti A, Melesina J, Hansen FK, Lancelot J, Herkenhöhner S, Lungerich B, Marek M, Romier C, Pierce RJ, Sippl W, Jung M, Kurz T
      Isophthalic acid-based HDAC inhibitors as potent inhibitors of HDAC8 from Schistosoma mansoni
      2017 Arch. Pharm. Chem. Life Sci, Band: 350, Seite: e1700096
    • Wutz D, Gluhacevic D, Chakrabarti A, Schmidtkunz K, Erdmann F, Romier C, Sippl W, Jung M, KönigB
      Photochromic histone deacetylase inhibitors based on dithienylethenes and fulgimides
      2017 Org Biomol Chem, Band: 15, Seiten: 4882 - 4896
    • Reinhardt H, Trittler R, Eggleton SAG, Wöhrl S, Epting T, Buck M, Kaiser S, Jonas D, Duyster J, Jung M, Hug MJ, Engelhardt M
      Paving the way for dose banding of chemotherapy an analytical approach
      2017 J. Natl. Compr. Canc. Netw, Band: 15, Seiten: 484 - 483
    • Stenzel K, Hamacher A, Hansen F, Gertzen C, Senger J, Marquardt V, Marek L, Marek M, Remke M, Romier C, Jung M, Gohlke H, Kassack M, Kurz T
      Alkoxyurea-based histone deacetylase inhibitors increase cisplatin chemosensitivity
      2017 J Med Chem
    • Schiedel M, Fallarero A, Luise C, Sippl W, Vuorela P, Jung M
      133. Synthesis and biological evaluation of 8-hydroxy-2,7-naphthyridin-2-ium salts as novel inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and butyrylcholinesterase (BChE)
      2017 Medchemcomm, Band: 8, Seiten: 465 - 470
    • Krieger V, Hamacher A, Gertzen CGW, Senger J, Marek M, Romier C, Kurz T, Jung M, Gohlke H, Kassack MU, Hansen FK
      Design, multicomponent synthesis and anticancer activity of a focused histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor library with peptoid-based cap groups
      2017 J Med Chem
    • Zierep PF, Padilla N, Yonchev DG, Telukunta KK, Klementz D, Gunther S
      SeMPI: a genome-based secondary metabolite prediction and identification web server.
      2017 Nucleic Acids Res
    • Rüther A, Forget A, Roy A, Carballo C, Mießmer F, Dukor RK, Nafie LA, Johannessen C, Shastri VP, Lüdeke S
      Unravelling a Direct Role for Polysaccharide ?-Strands in the Higher Order Structure of Physical Hydrogels
      2017 Angew Chem Int Edit, Band: 56, Seiten: 4603 - 4607
    • Siegrist J, Netzer J, Mordhorst S, Karst L, Gerhardt S, Einsle O, Richter M, Andexer JN
      Functional and structural characterisation of a bacterial O-methyltransferase and factors determining regioselectivity
      2017 Febs Lett

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    Jahre: 2017
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      Jahre: 2017
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        • Aurélien F. A. Moumbock, Conrad V. Simoben, Ludger Wessjohann, Wolfgang Sippl, Stefan Günther, Fidele Ntie-Kang
          Computational Studies and Biosynthesis of Natural Products with Promising Anticancer Properties
          In: Phytochemistry - Natural Products and Cancer
          2017, InTech, ISBN: 978-953-51-5277-4
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